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ASSALAM ISS Held Reading Contest in Celebrating Islamic New Year 1440 H

We are now in Muharram month, the first month of Islamic New Year . In order to celebrate the new year of Islam, ASSALAM ISS did many programs to make it more meaningful for people especially for students of ASSALAM ISS.
One of the programs was Reading Contest. It was conducted during 6 days which divided 3 days for girl students and 3 days for boy students. It started from Monday night, September 17th, 2018 or Muharram 7th, 1440 H.

The contest followed by 24 groups that represented by two persons for each group. One student read the text and the ather one translated it. The time given for every group was 5 minutes.
The text read were related to the rules of islamic teachings such as prayer, belief, good manner, discipline, and many more.

By this reading contest, it is hoped that students are used to read and pronounce the english text fluently. And the most important thing is they are able to apply the moral messages from the reading texts into their daily life and be a better moslem in this Islamic new year.
@Happy Islamic New Year 1440 H@ bylia

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