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MSBS’s Method For Improving Language Skill

When we are talking about ‘How to improve our speaking skill’ especially in foreign language, there are so many ways to make it works, you can found the tips and tricks or more information from internet, books, experienced people, indeed directly from the natives.

At Muamalat Solidarity Boarding School, we focus to develop 2 languanges both are english and arabic. In this opportunity, I want talk about english, surely because I am english teacher and one of my responsibilities is how to create the students are able to speak english fluently, understand more words and practice it whenever they are, reacheable their vocabularies and be one of their capabilities. For reaching it, they should struggle it harder.

As I talked, we tried so many things to make it runs well such as add more english schedule, practice it as their obligation at certain time in the school or dormitory’s areas, give them vocabs every morning and evening, listen to english song, watch english movie or invite native for talking directly, etc. But we have a special way which makes it more interesting, that is ‘15 minutes reading everyday’ and for me it is the new way to improve our english skill by making it as our habits, not only for student but it did by teachers too.

‘15 minutes reading everyday’ this sentence is always said by our chairman, he got it from his teacher mr. Kellen when he learned at Pare, east Java. It will influence the english skill and made mr. Kellen to be choosen as english native by England Ambassy. Because of it, mr. Chairman wants to run it at MSBS in order to help students. By chance,he is good in english too and he has arranged 4 books, each grade has their own level.

Although as teacher, I also have to improve my english skill, I have to learn more, practice more everywhere especially to my student and another teacher. So, there is so many ways to improve our student’s english skill. We only struggle it, lets Allah yaa Alim yaa Rasyiid make it easy and bless us always.

By: MeVinta





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