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Banda Aceh, 23, September 2018
As Salam Islamic Solidarity School has many extracurricular class such as Sience Club, Tilawah Club, Silat Club, Culture Club, Arabic Club, Public Speaking Club, English Club etc. Every week these club will teached by each choosen tentor, this agenda hope will could be accommodate well their passion and abilities.

English Club is one of the most favorite club in this school, most of the member of this club are girls they are more interest than boys in English. This club has many activities one of them is Speaking Class and students really loves it because they could be speaking to Native Speaker directly. At last Monday, tentor introduced Mr. Giordano an italian who is still 3 weeks in Aceh as native guess although he is not pure native (he becomes from Italy) but his english was pretty well. In this occasion, students discussed about everything they wanted to ask especially how Italy and italian are. “You are amazing” said Mr. Giordano according to him the students were so amazing because they want to learn english in their young ages, it will be more value for their future especially who want to continue their study to abroad and who want ti be traveler. He is also said that he will meet and teaches these students before he leaves Aceh. MeVeenta

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